Country of Origin: BOLIVIA

Average              per serve     per 100g
Energy 1371kj 2743kJ
Protein 7.15g  14.3g
Fat, total 33.2g  6.66g 
Saturated 7.55g  15.2g 
Carbohydrate 2.4g  4.8g 
Sugars 1.15g  2.3g
Sodium 1.5mg 3.0mg


Ingredients: Brazil Kernals 

Did you know? Brazil Kernals are graded by size; Midgets and Mediums. Medium being the high quality and at Vava Pantry we stock only the Mediums. Brazil Kernals are not grown in Australia and so we source ours from the best quality Brazil farms from our foreign associates. 

Health Benefits: They are high in selenium which enhance cognitive function and are great source of in antioxidants with reduce inflammation.

How to enjoy: Brazils are highly recommended for ketogenic diets because they have a high fat content (healthy fats of course). The easiest way to remove them from their shell is with a nutcracker. They are great to snack on, add to salads, your baking or sprinkled as a topping over your muesli or granola!