Country of Origin: AUSTRALIA

Average              per serve     per 100g
Energy 1444kj 2888kJ
Protein 4.6g  9.2g
Fat, total 35.95g  71.9g 
Saturated 3.1g  6.2g 
Carbohydrate 6.95g  13.9g 
Sugars 2.0g  4.0g
Sodium 1.0mg 2.0mg


Ingredients: Pecan Kernals 

Did you know? Pecans come in a variety of grades; ours being of the highest form named the Super-mammoth Halves. Pecans are grown internationally and in Australia, but we of course support our Aussie farmers and stock the Aussie ones!

Health Benefits: Pecan provide phytonutrients, plant-based compounds with antioxidant benefits. They improve cell development and function and reduce the risk of disease and cognitive decline. 

How to enjoy: Pecans are highly recommended for ketogenic diets because they have a high fat content (healthy fats of course). They are great to snack on, add to salads, your baking or sprinkled as a topping over your muesli or granola!